Pat & Michael
UTD Church, Marriott Inn on the Canals of Las Colinas
It was really wonderful having two photographers with two different perspectives, photojournalistic and fashion.  It made it so worth it having two different perspectives. They were so cool, personable and so easy to work with. Being a model, it was so difficult finding a wedding photographer that worked in their style.
Erica & Mason
Renaissance Photographics are truly remarkable to work with. They love what they do and it shows. They understand that being photographed can be somewhat uncomfortable. With this in mind, they try to relate to the style of the couple and try poses that make the couple feel comfortable and have fun. Our pictures emanated a style that was unique to us as a couple without us looking artificial. They are an accomplished team with extraordinary personalities and unprecedented talent. They take a wonderful variety of photos and they are so fantastic you will want to buy them all. Even our entire family adored the pictures and couldn’ t decide, because they were all so good. We would highly recommend them to all. They are not only exceptional photographers, they have become great friends, too!
Kenzik and Michael
The Crescent Hotel, Dallas
Renaissance is the best Photography studio in the country. The difference is the way they work as a team. Renaissance Photographics are very easy to work with and immediately put you at ease my pictures are very unposed and natural. They have a very artistic eye in creativity and were able to capture very unique moments. We will continue to use them for all our Photography needs in the future.
Amy & Ben
Bass Lake Queen II, Chateau Du Sureau Oakhurst, California
When planning a destination wedding, trusting vendors over the phone to capture your dream plans can be risky. I would not take that chance with the most important part of my wedding except with Renaissance Photographics. I knew my photos would be artwork capturing every special moment. They tell a story that is so beautiful that it makes me cry... Every time I look at them I fall in love with my husband all over again. My sister's wedding was in Switzerland. I am sorry that she hired a random, unknown photographer. The lighting was terrible. She has maybe 5 good photos. I have hundreds that are perfect! I just can't stop bragging about their creative talents. Margaret and Houston made it so painless that I could worry about other wedding details like my great Grandma having a ground floor room!  
Jennifer & Len
MiMi’ s Garden - Dallas Arboretum
We had visited 8 other photographers before we found Houston & Margaret. We chose them because not only is their work amazing but they genuinely had our interests at heart. They really valued our opinions and ideas. Now that we have had the opportunity to spend time with both of them during our appointments and photo sessions, we realize that another reason we picked them is because we would like to have them at our wedding either way!
Cindy & Mason
Madrid, Spain Iglesia Baptistia, Hotel Phoenix
We so enjoyed traveling with Renaissance Photographics through our various events leading up to the wedding day. It was so much fun and they captured every precious moment. The service was so personal, the expressions that were captured were so unique, displaying ambiance and flavor of our moments in Madrid, setting the scene for our wedding event. The ideas using different photographic techniques with Black & White on our wedding day were beautiful… some of the scenes looked like the classic photography of the forties.
Susan & Greg
Stonebridge Country Club McKinney, TX
We can’ t tell you how pleased we were to have you be such a major part of our wedding. The pictures were absolutely breathtaking. After the wedding we had wondered whether or not we should have also had a videographer but after seeing all the previews that you took we quickly realized we had no regrets. It was if you weren’ t even there at the Wedding but you definitely caught everything on film. You did a fantastic job of capturing the mood of our entire wedding and the personalities of all of our guests. We had so much fun working with you during the Engagement shoot and the Bridal Photo Session and then especially during the Wedding.. We will always have our cherished photos to remember our fairytale wedding day. We highly recommend your services and plan on working with you again when we start our family.
LeeAnn & Todd
Park Cities Baptist Church Grand Ballroom Renaissance Hotel
We loved having Renaissance Photographics as our wedding photographers. Margaret's talent in fashion photography combined with Houston's background in photojournalism created the perfect team to capture the elegance, excitement and the love of our special day. Their photos tell the story of our entire day from preparation and pre-wedding jitters to the vows and many tender moments that we shared. We love our photos and will always cherish them as a lasting memory of the day we began our lives as one.
Cate & Jack
Marie Gabrielle

We can't help but gush.  Renaissance Photographics make an incredible team. We felt so comfortable being ourselves in front of them it was almost as if we forgot they were there. We are thrilled to have a collection of photographs that truly reflect our personalities.

Kathryn & Bill
Rehearsal Dinner: Wedding: Fellowship Bible Church Reception: Masonic Lodge Downtown Dallas
Hey guys! Hope you're doing well. We are doing great! Marriage suits us just fine. 🙂 Listen, we wanted to write and thank you for the INCREDIBLE photography you did for our wedding. Actually, it began with engagement photos and went all the way through. You told the whole story beautifully! You guys are wonderful to work with! Bill and I were comfortable at every session. You helped us to have a great time and enjoy this special time in our lives. We are so pleased with the photography! Thank you for your professionalism while working with our friends and families, too. We have received NUMEROUS compliments on our wedding photography. You did an exceptional job at the reception! You were able to capture the moods of so many people and we absolutely LOVED how you captured unique groups of people together at our reception -- people who wouldn't normally know each other, but met for this event. We loved that! Anyway, we want to THANK YOU for everything from the bottom of our hearts! We would like to always be a reference for you and we will ALWAYS recommend you! Thank you again. Love and blessings, Kathryn & Bill
Janet & Vince
Christ the King Episcopal Church, Highland Park, Dallas
We are so satisfied and thankful we selected Renaissance Photographics. Renaissance Photographics are a team, each with an eye for capturing just the right moment. The engagement, bridal and wedding photos are unbelievable. They captured our friends, family and the two of us in some of the happiest moments we will remember. We recommend Renaissance Photographics to couples who don't want to miss out on capturing every special moment of thier wedding.
Doreen and Rick
The Arboretum, Dallas
On our wedding day Renaissance Photographics were with us from beginning to end, creating an atmosphere of fun and capturing the magic of the day with their brilliant pictures. They were artistic, creative and professional. Their photography turned two ordinary people into works of art. We would highly recommend them for any occasion.
Jody & Devron
Dallas Country Club
We feel that we can sit for hours and tell the stories of how our real Wedding Experience began once we started working with Renaissance Photographics. Houston & Margaret kept us smiling and laughing!  All the different photo sessions seemed to be intertwined with the regular wedding preparations, making everything a magical series of events up through our fairy tale wedding. So, by the time our Wedding Day came around, we were totally relaxed and had the fun of our lives. They caught moments that we never would have thought about capturing but it was those intimate details of our wedding that we relive every time we see our photographs. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my photos and I tell people, “ Wow, just let me tell you about these photographers!”
Leila and Tiras
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas
We were so very pleased with Renaissance Photographics and having two photographers gave us such great coverage at our wedding and reception. They were fun and professional and helped put us at ease on our special day. If we had to do it all over again, our choice would definitely be the same!
Karen & David
Parents of the bride (Kimberly & Casey) White Bluff Resort
When Kim was in Florida looking for Wedding Photographers via the Internet, she found Renaissance Photographics’ website. She wanted the best photographers and she wasn’t going to be satisfied with less. At first we couldn’t understand why our daughter was so insistent that these particular photographers had to come in from Dallas to do their photography… until we saw the results from their initial photo session. . They were awesome. When the newspaper published their engagement photo, we had friends and relatives call us and say they thought there were some famous models coming to town and then they realized who they were. And during the wedding Houston & Margaret captured things that we didn’t even realize were happening. They were so thorough that we couldn’t think of more shots that they might have captured. Even though they were more expensive, my husband said later that he was so glad he had made that investment because they made our daughter’ s wedding everything it could have possibly been.
Kym & Dan
Lovers Lane United Methodist & Reception was at Park Cities Club
We were so at ease and comfortable with the photography process at our wedding with Renaissance Photography! Margeaux and Houston provided a selection of pictures that were far beyond our wildest dreams and captured memories that seemed impossible to recreate. They were particularly sensitive to our families and guests.
Betty & Steve
Perkins Chapel, SMU University Intercontinental Hotel, Dallas
I just wish I could write or put into words how happy we are with your pictures, your professionalism, and the happiness that can be seen in your work! You put our dream wedding in pictures. Our happiness, our laughs, and beauty of the sites and church... all of our love and joy can be seen through your pictures. This is exactly what we were looking for, and are completely delighted. Thank you for all the love that you put into your work.
Chaka & Justin
Perkins Chapel, SMU
Working with Renaissance Photographics is like working with family. Houston and Margaret worked as a team and between the two of them they didn't miss a beat. They bring both a high level of professionalism and a relaxing presence to the photo session, and they create an atmosphere where photos can be fun and natural. Their photos really capture the life of the moment. Renaissance Photographics were unobtrusive in their photo taking and they really captured the spontaneity of the wedding such that the pictures really tell the story of the day. They work with patience and integrity and a sharp eye so that all of the precious moments of the day were wonderfully captured. We love them because through their work they made our life into art.
Rachel & Solomon
Dallas Arboretum
Renaissance Photographics are exceptional individuals and do absolutely beautiful work. After viewing the website and meeting with them personally, Solomon and I could tell they had amazing and unique artistic ability and abounding creativity, as well as a classic sense of style. Each of these aspects was balanced beautifully in our wedding photographs. They not only did exceptional work, they exuded a personal interest and excitement toward our special occasion and toward us as a couple. They were very professional when at work, but yet we enjoyed and felt comforted by their friendliness and humor. We feel so fortunate to have had Renaissance Photographics as our wedding photographers. They made the day last forever in the most wonderful way!
Amy and David
Royal Haven Baptist Church Summit Hotel, Grand Ballroom
Renaissance Photographics did a brilliant job of capturing the atmosphere of our engagement and wedding. The portraits were magnificent! Margaret and Houston were able to portray each individual's emotions and expressions with their unique style and talent. Their abilities allowed them to be unobtrusive, in fact all of our guest felt like Margaret and Houston were part of the family. Due to their extraordinary work and talent, we look forward to using Renaissance Photographics for all of our future family portraits and memorable. events!
Daphne & Brian
Covenant Church
I wanted to tell you what an outstanding job you did at our wedding. We can not get over the pictures! They are beautiful! I mean you look at the pictures and see the entire wedding from start to finish! Thank you for everything!
Angie & Will
My husband and I have never liked pictures of us and were extremely wary about having wedding pictures done. We had heard and witnessed several horror stories about rude photographers and awful pictures. I searched 20 - 25 websites and the only site that truly caught my attention was Margeaux and Houston's. We were particularly interested in their backgrounds it was exciting to think that we might have a fashion photographer and photojournalist shooting our wedding pictures. We couldn't have chosen better. As a team, they captured not only the intimate shots that carried the emotion of the day, but also the broader, grander shots that told the story of our beginning. They are more than just great photographers they are a joy to be around. Their easy-going manner and exuberance for their work was infectious and it allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience. We had hoped that we would like at least a few of the pictures, instead we loved them all. We couldn't stop looking at them and neither could our family. We looked wonderful! The engagement pictures were fresh, sensual and playful and the bridal pictures were elegant and sexy, capturing exactly how I was feeling inside. Even more amazing were the wedding pictures which left us all breathless. We were all amazed at how good the candid shots were, they captured every moment that mattered and they did it while being non-intrusive. They were more like friends of the family than just two people getting a job done. I would recommend them for anyone who truly wants the best for their wedding.
Rene & Jonathan
Braeburn Country Club Houston, TX
Jonathan: I hate having my picture taken. Every time I do I look stiff and uncomfortable. Margeaux and Houston made me comfortable during our sessions by making things fun— and it shows in all our pictures. Also, their photo-journalistic style captures great memories, not just the standard staged wedding pictures. Their artistic flare, especially with black and white pictures, made our wedding album something we will cherish for our lifetime. Rene: Margaret and Houston were great! We were fortunate to have two photographers. They captured emotional moments that I didn't even know had occurred! They also did a great job of getting pictures of everyone, so I have pictures of all my memories. Also, what was very important to us was that they were willing to customize our portrait package for our individual preferences. They also went the extra mile for us and accommodated our tight timeframe. I am so glad they photographed our wedding.
Cindy And Brian
The Aldredge House

This is an example of original photo painting by Margaret Stanley!

MJ & Gerald
Embassy Suites on Bachman Lake
Margaret & Houston, You guys are awesome!!! We are truly blessed by having you be a part of our wedding day. We cherished every moments of our special day and you made it so real and memorable each day through your creativity, superb teamwork and professionalism. We not only won the best wedding photographers but also won true friendship from knowing you both. May the Lord continuously bless you with abundance of peace and joy. We love you guys!!! Can't wait to have our baby pictorial.
Dana & James
Highland Park Presbyterian Church Royal Oaks Country Club

Houston & Margaret were so very professional, creative and now have become our good friends!

Veronica & Roland
St. Pius X Catholic Church Hella Shrine Temple on Lake Ray Hubbard
When we came to our appointment with Renaissance Photographics they showed us photographs of a lot of other couples. The photographs were incredible and we wondered if our photos could actually look like that. I could never imagine myself looking that way. But it happened with our engagement photo session. We felt the photos looked like they were out of a magazine. They were so much fun and we had a great time. Being comfortable with Houston & Margeaux meant everything. They’ ve really worked with us one on one.
Abby & Juan
Catholic Church Swan Court

All my friends tell me that my photos look like they came straight out of a magazine!

Brenda & Stan
Biblical Arts Center, Dallas
These are beautiful! You guys are fantastic! You really brought it out of us! You don’ t know me… I usually run from the camera. You made the camera my friend. I was dreading seeing my photographs because I never come out looking decent but you made me look beautiful. You guys have tremendous talent. Anyone can learn technique but to have the style to go with it and that is so much more. We interviewed so many photographers but we really trusted Houston & Margeaux and that has made such a difference.
Jessica & Neil
Calvary Hill Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX

Renaissance Photographics has a very unique touch.. The reason I chose them for my wedding was because their photography was very stylish and classic, the exact look I was going for. . I wanted my wedding to reflect my personal style in every aspect. The pictures they captured look like they came straight from a magazine

Kristine & Jimmy
Fair Park Horticultural Center Lakewood Theatre, Dallas

We have received so many compliments from our Wedding Photos. Everyone says How did you get so many great pictures out of your Wedding because most people are lucky to get maybe 20 good ones out of 100 taken and you have 420 incredible photos!

Eleanor & Aaron
Legacy Drive Baptist Church, Plano, TX
Sally Scott, Mother of the bride, and owner of ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: As an artist, I love the wonderful blend of balance of composition and lovely chiaroscuro effect that Margaret and Houston brought to my daughter's portraits. There is a huge difference between taking pictures and creating works of art Renaissance Photographics created masterpieces for my daughter's wedding!
Stephanie & Salman
Tart & Thistle Inn McKinney TX

Houston & Margaret exceeded our highest expectations on every level. Their energy, creativity, and skill captured so many precious memories from our wedding day.

Natalie and Chris
Fair Park Horticultural Center, Dallas, TX
Renaissance Photographics did an amazing job on our Wedding Photography. We interviewed several Dallas Photographers and none of them came close to Renaissance's ability to capture the moment with artistic flair. Renaissance Photographics are professional, creative and personable and most of all love what they do and it shows. We will have a lifetime of beautiful memories, thanks to them.
Mary and David
Emmanuel Christian Fellowship The Cactus Garden, Fort Worth

We are overjoyed with the job that they did. It was so thorough. They got every picture we wanted and so much more and they are superb, splendid pictures. Very good candid shots, very good posed shots. We were very pleased.

Amy and Jerry
Embassy Suites Hotel, Dallas
Renaissance Photographics has such great style and are really unique. That is something we didn't find with other Photographers we interviewed. They are easy to work with and the results are stunning. We receive constant compliments on the portraits displayed in our home and office. We plan on using Renaissance Photographic for all our photography through the years. We appreciate the great memories they have created for us.
Teresa and David
Stonebridge Country Club, McKinney
Words can not describe the elation we felt when we first viewed our engagement portraits taken by Renaissance Photographics we were in awe. We hoped they would be good, instead they were outstanding! It was hard to choose a favorite. Renaissance Photographics took the time to know the real us in order to capture it our personalities. From the moment we met Renaissance Photographics, they showed an enthusiasm for us and our wedding it was important for them to establish a relationship not just create another business transaction. Renaissance Photographics are spinners of magic, they know how to capture precious moments.
Leslie and Andy
San Germain Hotel

After the initial photo sessions we did with Houston & Margeaux, we had so much confidence in how the Wedding Photos would turn out. It was such a relief not to have to think about the photography and just feel totally comfortable to enjoy ourselves. They really captured who we are and what we felt for each other!

Maureen and Chad
Holy Trinity Greek Orthdox Church, Dallas, Texas
Chad and I were quite self-conscious and nervous the getting our pictures taken. We had never had a major photo session before in our life. When we arrived to get our Engagement Photo Session, Renaissance Photographics made us comfortable immediately. Even though it was extremely warm that day we really didn't notice because Renaissance Photographics made the day quite enjoyable. Clearly, they both enjoy what they do and working with people. They are so creative and took their time with us on every session. We had plenty of photographs and we appreicated being able to keep every one of the preview albums... the Bridal and Engagement as well as the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding/Reception. They are pictures that our families will treasure for the rest of our lives. We highly recommend Renaissance Photographics.
Nicole and Larry
Maple Manor, Dallas Texas
We just had our Engagement Portfolio Session done. We were so impressed. I have several girlfriend's who are getting married and they had already signed with other Wedding Photographers who were very expensive - supposedly the best. But, when they saw our engagement photographs, they were so jealous! Now I am really getting excited about our Wedding!
Rhonda and Santae
First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park, Richardson, Texas
Our Experience with Renaissance Photographics was a very rewarding one. The service was very prompt, warm and friendly. We really enjoyed the way Houston and Margeaux were in sync with each other. They made our photographic experience a ceremony in itself. We received so many compliments about our photographs as we showed them to our family and friends. Nobody could view them just once. They all had to look at them over and over again. All in all, our choice to use Renaissance Photographics was such a blessing!
Debra and Aaron
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Addison, Texas
Margeaux and Houston did a great job creating our beautiful photographs. It was wonderful how they caught the spontaneity of the moments of our wedding. Thank you again Renaissance Photographics!
Anna and Todd
The Dallas Women's Forum, Dallas, Texas
I've always detested a stuffy posed look especially when it came to my Wedding Portraits/Photographs. That's why I love Renaissance Photographics because they seem to catch you at your best but naturally. They are very creative at capturing a unique and spontaneous moment, which is so different from other Photography that we have seen. We are very pleased with the natural beauty of their Photography.
Paul and Christy
ngagement Party, The Minyard Home, Dallas, Texas Married in Hawaii
Because we were getting married out of the country, the photographs at our engagement party were especially important as many of the guests were not going to make our wedding. Renaissance Photographics, therefore, had the formidable task of capturing all of our guests on film, yet without appearing intrusive. The results were breathtaking. Though largely unposed , the spontaneous shots captured people and groups of people in the midst of laughing, dancing, and eating. The shots looked and felt genuine, and the guests were never intimidated by the artistic needs of Renaissance Photographics. Our only regret was that their schedule did not allow them to accompany us on our wedding.
Rachael and Ryan
Richardson Civic Center, Richardson, Texas
Working with Margeaux and Houston was a great experience for my husband and I. Not only did our Wedding Photographs turn out beautifully, they were so much fun to work with. During such a stressful time in our lives of planning our wedding, they eased the stress by making it fun with their sense of humor so it was comfortable for us to smile.
Christina & Oliver
Rosewood Church, Fort Worth, TX
We just wanted to drop a note to say how wonderful it was to have you at our wedding. The guests could tell how professional you all were because you all darted in & out so unobtrusively. You delivered far more than we expected or could have even dreamed of. Also, the Bridal shoot was a blast you both made me feel like a model!
Sarah & Brice
Word of Love Church, City Club Bass Towers, Ft. Worth, TX

I really love my pictures. Everyone that sees them wants to know where I found you all. I tell them it was God. Thank you so much for capturing all the emotions of my special day.