• Envisions beauty in everyone
  • Knows how women like to see themselves
  • Art is a way of life
  • Good friends are everything (pets come close)
  • Very spicy gal
  • Enjoys exploring the world
  • Earthy, Organic, Health oriented, Preventative Wellness Mindset
  • Flexible, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Intuitive, Right brain, Transparent
  • Loves Horseback Riding
  • Believes we all have unlimited potential just waiting to be tapped


  • People person
  • Enjoys life outside the box
  • A perfectionist
  • Loves to catch the real you in a flattering way from a guy’s perspective
  • Photography as well as life is an adventure not a journey
  • Knows when to walk away from a work of art
  • Very organized, clean/neat freak
  • Great cook, enjoys entertaining friends, dining out, appreciates great service
  • Enjoys traveling, music, history, unique old hotels, camping, outdoors, documentaries
  • Loves a good joke
  • Plays guitar and sax, songwriter
  • Believes in miracles

Margaux Impressionistic Oil Painting

There are some brides who appreciate a deeper dimension of fine art and do so by choosing one or a series of images for Margaret to take into the studio and paint in oil. She carefully examines the potential and then begins a series of sketches focusing on the image(s) range of possibilities. The painting may involve brush and pallet knife strokes depending on the preferred artistic statement. Margaret paints in an impressionistic style to adorn the Bride’s home with an heirloom salon oil painting on stretcher canvas. She has been commissioned by high profile personalities and celebrities alike.