Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

The Texoma region has Renaissance Photographics in Denison, Texas!  Couples enjoy the natural photojournalistic wedding photography. Houston and Margaux have developed a signature style all their own. By including fashion techniques they add another dimension to their photojournalistic photography. “We believe that capturing a photojournalistic moment can only be ideal if it is flattering. That’s why we combine a fashion approach to our photojournalistic style to create the most complimentary wedding photography available.”

Houston and Margaux are fun and comfortable people to be around, a gift which gives their couples total peace of mind with the photography… “Just be yourselves and let us do the rest.”

Once you discover our relaxed photojournalistic style at Renaissance Photographics, you learn to trust that the results will be uniquely ‘you’ and from the most flattering perspective. That trust factor is a vital element to be able to enjoy yourselves and your guests without any concern for the photography. Our couples say that our presence is rarely even noticed. But later they wonder how we captured so much of every aspect of their event while they were virtually unaware that we were even there.

Houston and Margaux attract a Bride who prefers imagery with movement, spark and personality, instead of stagnant posed images. AtRenaissance Photographics, we catch fun, emotional and spontaneous interaction between the bride, her fiance, family and all the wedding personalities involved. We reveal the true flavor, character and ambiance of your unique event as we capture the highlights of split second moments.

Texoma’s wedding photographers, Renaissance Photographics, appreciates when you lean toward photojournalistic wedding photography. The fashion enhanced Photojournalistic images of Renaissance Photographics are carefree and natural; yet you look like you stepped out of a magazine.