Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

At Renaissance Photographics in Denison, Texas, the Engagement Photography Session is probably the most exciting and fun photo session for a couple. From this photography session, our couples become comfortable with the camera and our relaxed style. Building this rapport is essential and is reflected throughout the upcoming photography events.

We at Renaissance Photographics in Denison encourage an Engagement Photography Session several months prior to the actual wedding if possible. This provides the couple with a fun and carefree photography session whereby they better acquaint themselves with their Texoma wedding photographers.

We take you through a variety of settings that lets you to express yourselves naturally. It is our opportunity to explore all the facets of your personalities in our Fashion Photojournalistic style. Different aspects of both your characters are revealed in an interactive manner. ‘Fashion’ refers to the techniques we have developed to insure your images are very flattering.

Couples are always amazed at the type of imagery we provide which is a great way to kick off their wedding planning. It is an adventure getting acquainted again from a totally different perspective. Through the camera we reveal different facets of their personalities together and also take photographs of them individually for each other.

We do a variety of looks that always surprise our couples. We love it when they say they are not very photogenic because they will discover that they actually enjoy being photographed with our photojournalistic style… especially the guys who think they are just going through the motions of pleasing their Bride only to find out that they are having a really good time. We build a comfort zone with them at this time that allows them to relax, enjoy and look forward to other photography sessions such as the Bridal Portrait and of course the Wedding Photography.

When our couples see their results of the Engagement Photography Session photographed by Renaissance Photographics, they are ecstatic, saying the images look straight out of a magazine. When they share their Engagement Photographs or Images online with friends and family, everyone becomes excited. Most couples choose to display their portraits at their wedding reception as we offer custom framing.