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Wedding Photography Colorado Springs

Renaissance Photographics is the premiere wedding photographer team based in the Colorado Springs, CO area. For years, we have been helping couples from Colorado Springs and around the U.S. make sure that their treasured memories of that special day are recorded with the same loving care that they would put into the task themselves. After all, your wedding should be more than special…it should be perfect.

Being based near Colorado Springs, we love doing wedding photography here. Our familiarity with the natural beauty in the local area allows us to incorporate these features into your beautiful wedding photos. We utilize a combination of natural and special lighting to capture the exquisite essence of your wedding, making the images we take something you will proudly display and cherish as a piece of memory from your happy day. While we love destination weddings, there is always something special of taking wedding photographs in our own backyard of Colorado Springs.

When it comes to your wedding, we understand and appreciate the need for both class and an eye for detail. Some who would pass themselves off as wedding photographers may be very skilled, but they lack the particular familiarity with wedding venues that we have worked hard to hone and don’t feel like it’s bragging to say we have done well in this area. We know the wedding photographs everyone wants and loves, and we make sure those required shots are taken. At the same time, we are always at the ready, prepped for the next unexpected and undeniably memorable photo we know you’ll love.

We do the best wedding photography, because we know that you deserve nothing less on that day. Our dedication to the craft has been proven time and again, and we would be honored to do the same for you in Colorado Springs.

When you hire a wedding photographer, it should be an easy decision. You should feel comfortable with the wedding photographer and their staff. You should feel confident in the wedding photographer’s abilities, which is usually accomplished by reviewing a wide selection from their gallery. You should trust the wedding photographer to have your best interests in mind.

That is what we deliver to our wedding photography clients here in Colorado Springs and around the country when we are invited to participate in destination weddings. Browse through our site and enjoy our online wedding photography gallery, where some of our prior clients have been kind enough to share in their memories. When you’re ready to hire a wedding photography Colorado Springs, give us a call or fill out our form so we can contact you directly.

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