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Find a Wedding Photographer in Dallas, TX

It is always such a pleasure to return to Dallas, TX as a wedding photographer. We have roots here, and there is no place else quite like it. So, whenever the chance comes up to do what we love to do—wedding photography—in a place we love—Dallas—it’s sheer joy. Ironic that that’s the same thing you should experience on your wedding day: sheer joy.

Before the wedding, it can be hectic. Trying to line up a venue, time away from work, getting your family and friends invited and situated, picking out decorations, and so much more goes into planning a wedding. We are of the firm belief that finding the right wedding photographer should be easy. If you’re in Dallas, and you’re trying to find a wedding photographer, try keeping these few simple things in mind:

Your wedding photographer should have a complete portfolio and/or gallery. Even if they are just starting out, they should have plenty of experience from weddings that they have photographed for free or as an apprentice. Wedding photography requires a special skillset and lots of experience. You do not want to be your wedding photographers’ first rodeo.

You should feel comfortable with your wedding photographer and staff from the start. If you are uneasy, it could always be pre-wedding jitters, and you can discuss this with your potential wedding photographer. If you cannot discuss your unease with them or they cannot put you at ease, then it’s most likely time to find a different wedding photographer.

Beyond being comfortable, your Dallas wedding photographer should be someone you trust. They will be responsible for catching some of your most cherished memories on film forever. If you are unsure they are up to the task, if they aren’t someone you would want to invite to your wedding as a friend, you should find a different wedding photographer.

We still have a number of friends in Dallas, TX, and if we weren’t going to be their wedding photographer, we would give them the same advice. If you don’t feel confident, comfortable, and trusting of your wedding photographer, you should definitely find another.

Your wedding day is your day. You need it and you deserve it to be perfect. This is why we always deliver the best possible experience as wedding photographers whether it be in Dallas, TX or a hundred other different destination wedding locations.

Find out more about our wedding photography services by reviewing our online gallery. When you are ready, give us a call or fill out our form here, so we can talk more about what you want and need in a wedding photographer.

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