Denver Wedding Photography Weekend at Washington Boathouse

Emily and James chose to have a small intimate wedding that was absolutely charming… many traveled from all over the country to participate in the occasion, so capturing the entire flavor of this gathering is what we do best with our style which is natural, relaxed and flattering

Emily’s vision left nothing out…it was a three day affair capturing an array of emotions and personalities with family and friends… too much fun to say the least. As you will see it was non stop excitement from beginning to end. When you are planning your wedding, consider what we call a Wedding Weekend where you have events thru the entire weekend which allows your guests time to get to know each other and regroup as well as the anticipation of the next gathering.

Canvas and Cocktails

Friday afternoon, Emily met a few of the girls at the Hotel to take them to Canvas & Cocktails in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. The others met us there.

The instructor was very vivacious and energetic!

Notice that Houston is not following instructions, to say the least. He painted the flight of the Phoenix. The Groom wanted to be alone with his close friends so they went to a Broncos football game but James commented later (when he saw the way we shoot) that he wished Houston had accompanied them and captured a few shots of their adventure there. Houston enjoyed being with us girls… he is very flexible and the girls got a kick out of having him there.

The staff was fantastic!

The girls were having so much fun that they started dancing a little jig!

These aprons look like a work of art in themselves!

00411Canvas and Cocktails Instructor

Denver down home Bar’B’Que

Emily and James hosted an incredible Bar’B’Que Saturday evening in the backyard of their home. They had all the fixings including good company… it was a family type atmosphere. Both Houston and I felt right at home with the Bar’B’Que being from Texas but this one included brats which is a Colorado specialty. It was a very laid back and Houston and I always blend right in. By the time the wedding comes around, we are very familiar with many of the guests… some times we are mistaken as part of the family! But that is how the guests relax and so we are able to capture their true personalities…. even pictures looking at the camera don’t have to be cheesy… they can look spontaneous, fun and comfortable.


You know what was really bizarre at this cook-out? Notice that most everyone is wearing this reddish orange color and nobody consciously coordinated that!

OK, this is cheesy! but fun!

Meet the Groom, very pensive for a guy. He had the most eclectic music selection which he was tending to constantly to everyone’s delight. He also had a very creative wine and beer selection. We were just getting to know him as this was our first encounter with James.


Mom and Dad… very precious folks!

Preparation on the Wedding Day

Beautiful day in the neighborhood, which is good because the wedding was at the Boathouse at Washington Park in Denver. I arrive at Emily’s maid of honor’s home close to the park. I’m with the girls capturing this part of the story. Her home was so cozy and gorgeous… she had every kind of flower growing in her yard…. the atmosphere was so perfect for a Bride getting ready… very calming and heavenly beautiful.


What an incredible bridesmaid she was… she hosted this brunch… it was wonderful!

Emily, get off the computer just for one day!

Arrival at the Boathouse

Love this Art Deco style venue! The Bride had a classic fifties style theme. She loves black and white!

The Bride changed into her dress in this green room below the boathouse. It was really hot but you would never know… she looks so cool and fresh all the time.

Tying the Knot

James just about lost it when he first saw Emily coming down the aisle.


This couple was so emotional! We loved capturing their every glance at each other. Her two older brothers escorted her down the aisle.


Accolades and Blessings…First Dance



Enjoying the View

The weather was hot and humid but it didn’t cramp their style and they danced all night!

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