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Hire a Wedding Photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When you need to hire a wedding photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding areas, you need to remember this name: Margaux Artistry. Having had the honor of being wedding photographers in the Southwest and rest of the U.S., we love Santa Fe. There is a certain ambiance from the desert, native vegetation, and people that blends so well with a memorable event such as a wedding. The wedding photographs we take are more than images on glossy paper. They become pieces of the past that you can display and review with a heartfelt smile for many years to come.

Wedding photography is somewhat different from all other forms of photography. While there are a set series of shots any wedding photographer will be sure to record for the bride and groom, there are many that come at a moment’s notice. You have to be ready for them. The wedding photographer needs to know what to look for before the moment is gone, lost forever to fallible human recollection.

A wedding photographer must also be prepared to deal with a wide variety of colors. From the bride’s gown to the groom’s tux, the bridesmaids’ gowns to proud parents’ attire, floral accents, and more, weddings have a tendency to be bright and vibrant. There is no time or room to set up elaborate lighting and backdrops for the wedding photographer. They need to move quickly and quietly, a piece of the scenery so as not to distract from your special event.

Your wedding is a big day. Everything needs to be perfect. We understand this. In fact, with our eye for detail and own perfectionist mannerisms, some would say we thrive under such conditions. We are there to help make your day easier as well as capturing the cherished memories on film for all time.

In Santa Fe, we have the added benefit of a naturally beautiful background, which we love to use to help maximize the beauty of your wedding photos.

You should feel comfortable with and confident in your wedding photographer. We believe in establishing this trust early on and keeping our promise to help enhance your wedding. Have a look through our online gallery of some of the fabulous wedding photos some of our previous clients have been kind enough to share. It’s hard to call them clients, though, as they’re more like family after having been a part of their wedding day.

When you’re ready for more information on hiring a wedding photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, feel free to give us a call or fill out our form here.

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